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ʿAfrin: Police forcibly enter house at night, injure two residents and arrest two more

KURDWATCH, November 26, 2010—After midnight on November 9, 2010, fifteen civil policemen from the Shaykh al‑Hadid (Şiyê) subdistrict near ʿAfrin forcibly entered the home of Muhammad Wahid Shaykhu (b. 1936, married, seven children). Without warning they began to beat Muhammad Wahid Shaykhu, his two daughters Hindrin (b. 1986) and Kurda (b. 1971), and his sons Mustafa (b. 1971, married, two children) and Mahabad (b. 1979). Muhammad Wahid Shaykhu suffered a serious head injury and had to be treated in hospital. He complains of severe headaches and back pain. His daughter Hindrin was also injured and required medical attention. She too complains of severe headaches. The sons Mustafa and Mahabad were arrested on the charge of resisting law enforcement officials. They are currently in prison in ʿAfrin. To date the Shaykhu family does not know the reasons behind the police action. Although the director of the Shaykh al‑Hadid subdistrict threatened consequences if the family reported the policemen, Muhammad Wahid Shaykhu, his two daughters, and the wife of his son Mustafa, Khadijah Sulayman (b. 1972), have filed a complaint with the public prosecutor in ʿAfrin.


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