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Al-Qamishli: Six people tortured for attempting to leave Syria illegally

KURDWATCH, December 23, 2010—On December 19, the criminal court in al-Qamishli decided that Mahmud Mahmud Zubayr (b. 1987, Maktum), his father Zubayr Mahmud Hasan (b. 1965, married, eight children, Maktum) and Husayn Sharaf ʿAbdullah (b. 1973, married, three children) will be released from custody on a bond of 1,000 Syrian Lira.
On November 4, 2010, members of the military police arrested the individuals named, along with Ahmad Shaykhu Muhammad ʿAli (b. 1988), his father Muhammad ʿAli Shaykhu ʿIsa (b. 1945, married) and ʿAbdulqadir Khalu Muhammad (b. 1975, married) in Rumaylan on the suspicion that they wanted to leave the country illegally. On November 11, 2010, they were transferred to the Political Security Directorate in al-Hasakah. During the interrogation there, they were tortured by being forced into a tire and beaten (so-called Dulab method). On the same day they were presented to the prosecutor in al-Hasakah, who referred the case to the district attorney's office in al-Qamishli. The district attorney's office decided to release Ahmad Shaykhu Muhammad ʿAli, Muhammad ʿAli Shaykhu ʿIsa and ʿAbdulqadir Khalu Muhammad from custody.
Mahmud Mahmud Zubayr, Zubayr Mahmud Hasan, Husayn Sharaf ʿAbdullah and ʿAbdulqadir Khalu Muhammad are charged pursuant to Article 33, with reference to Article 2, Decree No. 29 from the year 1970 (Decree on the entry and departure of foreigners). Mahmud Mahmud Zubayr is accused of leaving the country illegally, while the other individuals named are accused of aiding and abetting. Ahmad Shaykhu Muhammad ʿAli and Muhammad ʿAli Shaykhu ʿIsa are charged pursuant to Statute No. 42 from the year 1975 (Passport statute). They are also accused of leaving the country illegally. However, none of the men actually crossed the Syrian border. The next hearing is scheduled for December 26, 2010.


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