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Damascus: Prisoners in the ʿAdra prison begin hunger strike

KURDWATCH, March 9, 2011—Numerous Arab and Kurdish political prisoners in the ʿAdra prison have been on hunger strike since March 8, 2011. Involved in the hunger strike are Habib as-Salih, Mustafa Jumʿah Bakr, ʿAli al-ʿAbdullah, Mahmud Barish, Kamal al-Libuani, Muhammad Saʿid Husayn al-ʿUmar, Mishʿal at-Tammu, Anwar al-Buni, Khalaf al-Jarbuʿ, Saʿdun Mahmud Shaykhu, Ismaʿil ʿAbdi and Kamal Shaykhu. In a statement, the prisoners justified their hunger strike with the 48th anniversary of the state of emergency in Syria, which was declared on March 8, 1963, as well as with the seventh anniversary of the »Al-Qamishli Uprising«, which began on March 12, 2004. 32 Kurds died in the uprising. The statement declared that it is time for democratic change in the Arab world and that what is legitimate in Tunisia, Egypt, and other states cannot be illegitimate in Syria. The statement also demanded the end of politically motivated arrests and the granting of basic civil and political rights.


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