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Aleppo: Members of folklore group arrested

KURDWATCH, March 18, 2011—On February 13, 2011, the military prosecution in Aleppo interrogated Mustafa Muhammad Bozan (b. 1983, married, one child), Ismaʿil Muhammad Haji al-Karʿu (b. 1982, married), Muhammad Hiso Sadiq (b. 1975, married), Bakri Muhammad Walo (b. 1983, married), Muhammad Karʿu Khalil (b. 1979, married), Hanifi ʿUthman Hanifi (b. 1962, married) and Mahmud Muhammad Nabo (b. 1970). Charges were subsequently filed pursuant to Article 267 of the Criminal Code. The individuals named are members of the Kurdish folklore group Botan, which belongs to the Democratic Union Party (PYD). Members of the Political Security Directorate arrested Bozan, al-Karʿu, Sadiq, Walo, Khalil and Hanifi on January 17, 2011 in ʿAyn al-ʿArab (Kobanî). Mahmud Nabo had already been arrested by members of the Air Force Intelligence Service on December 16, 2010. The military investigating judge in Aleppo has been in charge of the case since February 23, 2011.


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