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Damascus: President again announces solution to the problem of the stateless

KURDWATCH, April 2, 2011—On March 31, 2011, President Bashar al-Assad ordered the founding of a commission to investigate the implementation of resolutions made at the tenth Baʿth party congress regarding the 1962 census in al-Hasakah province. As a result of the census, roughly 120,000 Kurds lost their Syrian citizenship and with it their basic civil rights. As their descendants are also stateless, the number of those affected has grown continuously in the intervening years. [See »Stateless Kurds in Syria – Illegal invaders or victims of a nationalistic policy?«]
In June 2005, the tenth Baʿth party congress resolved to reexamine this topic and find a solution for the stateless Kurds. In his inaugural speech on July 17, 2007, Bashar al-Assad suggested that a speedy solution to the problem was in sight. At that time he stated that the technical preparations for such a law were nearly finished. The commission that has just been appointed is to present its results to the president by April 15, 2011, and a bill will allegedly be established on the basis of these results.


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