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Damascus: Bashar al‑Assad receives delegation from al‑Hasakah

KURDWATCH, April 7, 2011—On April 5, 2011, President Bashar al‑Assad received a delegation from al‑Hasakah province. The participants, including 15 Kurds, 14 Arabs and one Christian, spoke with al‑Assad for over two hours and gave him a list with a total of 37 demands. One of the members of the delegation told KURDWATCH that the demands included an investigation into the events of March 2004, the naturalization of all stateless Kurds (ajanib and maktumin), the repeal of Decree 49, the release of all political prisoners, and economic aid to al‑Hasakah province. The delegation was composed of representatives of Kurdish and Arab tribes and other personalities. All of them were chosen by the Syrian government. Moreover, five representatives of various Kurdish parties were said to have been invited to the meeting, but they declined the invitation as they are calling for a political dialogue between Syrian leadership and the Syrian-Kurdish parties. On April 4, 2011 the members of the delegation were flown from al‑Qamishli to Damascus by special aircraft. Before they met with the president, they were received by the assistant regional secretary of the Baʿth party, Muhammad Saʿid Bakhtian.


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