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Al-Qamishli: political activist arrested at the Syrian-Turkish border

KURDWATCH, June 7, 2011—On May 30, 2011, the political activist Ahmad ʿAbdullah Husayn (b. 1952, married, seven children) was arrested at the Nusaybin/al-Qamishli border crossing. He, his wife, and one daughter wanted to visit relatives in Turkey. Husain is a member of the Kurdish Equality Party in Syria (Wekhevî). It is suspected that the arrest occurred in connection with the Syrian opposition conference in the Turkish city of Antalya from June 1-3, 2011. In addition to Farhan Jamil ʿAbdulqadir and Ahmad Bakr ʿAli, Husayn is the third political activist from ʿAmudah prevented from entering Turkey before the conference.


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