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ʿAfrin: Nine demonstrators charged following torture

KURDWATCH, June 12, 2011—Following a dissident demonstration in ʿAfrin, members of the Military Intelligence Service arrested ʿAziz Khalusi Jaʿfar (b. 1992, student), ʿAziz Ibsh (student), Mahmud Ibrahim Khalil (married, one child), Muhammad Bahjat Bari (married, three children), Alan Yusiv (student), Luqman Brimko (married, two children), Sirwan Muslim, Fayiq Yusiv (student), and Nechirvan Yusiv on May 13, 2011. After members of the Military Intelligence Service and the ʿAfrin police interrogated them, they were transferred to Aleppo, where they spent four days in the police’s holding prison. During interrogations there, they were tortured by members of the police. Both the Dulab method, in which the person in question is forced into a tire and beaten, and the Falaqa method (bastinado), in which the soles of the feet are beaten, were used. The prisoners were also kicked and punched. Subsequently, they were handed over to the prosecution and from there they were transferred to the civil Musalmiya prison. One day later they were transferred to the prosecution in ʿAfrin, and from there brought to the ʿAfrin criminal court. Following another interrogation, the criminal court judge released them from custody. Charges were filed against them for participating in an unauthorized demonstration. The first hearing is scheduled for June 16, 2011.


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