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Al-Qamishli: Regime threatens Kurds with repression

KURDWATCH, June 18, 2011—On June 14, 2011 an Arab delegation, consisting of two Tay tribal chiefs, a Mahalmi tribal chief, as well as a Christian representative, met with a representative of the Kurdish parties. The meeting took place at the request of the Arab delegation. The Kurdish representative was asked to refrain from organizing further dissident demonstrations in the Jazirah or else risk retaliation from the Arab population. The Kurdish negotiator refused this request. Furthermore, he stated that the Kurdish parties reserved the right to also call for demonstrations in Damascus and Aleppo if demonstrations in the Kurdish regions were no longer tolerated. A Kurdish party functionary told KurdWatch that in the opinion of the Kurdish parties, the intelligence service was responsible for the threats. For several days, flyers have been circulating in Jazirah in which Arab groups tell Kurds not to demonstrate anymore lest there be backlash.


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