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Damascus: Students arrested and beaten after protests

KURDWATCH, June 26, 2011—Members of the police and various intelligence services stormed a student village after dissident protests at the University of Damascus on the evening of June 21, 2011. Hundreds of students were arbitrarily arrested. The students, including Kurds, were violently taken from their apartments, attacked with batons, and some were injured. Beatings were also used in the interrogations that took place on June 22. Many students were subsequently released. It is currently unclear how many people, if any, are still in custody. Although exams are currently taking place at the university, most of the students left Damascus immediately after their release for fear of further retaliation.
The following people were among those arrested: Dilshad Muhamad Hajji, Farhad Khalil Hamu, Sherwan Mahmud Oskan, Shorash ʿAbdi, Kawa Sulayman, Mazlum Yusiv, Mijwal Masur, Luʾay Ibrahim, Hani Musa, Jiwan Malak, Jivan ʿAli, Jiwan ʿAntu, Jivan Shaykhmus, Ayaz Ramiz, Maʿsum Yusiv and Jaʿfar Ahmad.


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