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Damascus: Kurdish recruit killed during military service

KURDWATCH, July 7, 2011—Orhan Naji Muhammed Husayn (b. 1992) died on June 17, 2011, while carrying out his military service in Damascus. His family assumes that their son was murdered.
Husayn fulfilled his military service in the 14th division of the Syrian Army. After a conflict with his superior, Husayn left his unit and returned to his parents´ home. At this point he expressed his desire not to return to the military due to the fear that he would be killed. However, after the commander of his immediate superior had assured his father by telephone that nothing would happen to Husayn, the former compelled his son to continue his military service. Three days after Husayn’s return, the family received word that he had committed suicide. However, the body, which was personally picked up in Damascus by Husayn´s father, displayed signs which speak against a suicide. The bullet which killed Husayn, according to a family member via KURDWATCH, entered the back of the neck and exited through the forehead.
In past years Kurdish human rights organizations have time and again made cases public in which Kurdish recruits are reputed to have been intentionally killed during their military service. KURDWATCH has thus far not reported on these stories, since in relation to the deceased persons, no reliable proof such as unambiguous statements on the part of the family, autopsy reports or similar evidence were available which might have proven an intentional killing.


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