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Damascus: Political activist released from custody after severe torture

KURDWATCH, July 12, 2011—The fourth investigating judge in Damascus ruled on June 27, 2011 that Yilmaz Muhammad Nazir Saʿid (b. 1987) and Nidal Ahmad Muhammad (b. 1974, married, four children) were to be released from prison. The charge filed against them in accordance with Article 287 of the penal code was dropped due to Decree 61 of May 31, 2011 (Amnesty Decree).
Yilmaz Muhammad Nazir Saʿid and Nidal Ahmad Muhammad were arrested on May 24, 2011 in Damascus. Saʿid, a political activist, was carrying a satellite phone with him; Ahmad found himself in Saʿid´s company purely by chance. Both were brought to the Political Security Directorate’s al-Faihaʾ remand prison, where Saʿid was held for 26 days in solitary confinement. During the first 12 days he was tortured daily. Along with blows from bear hands, the Dulab method was also employed where the victim is forced into a tire and beaten. Additionally, Saʿid was tortured by electric shock, including in the genital area. Since he could not urinate due to this treatment, he had to be hospitalized twice. Nidal Ahmad Muhammad spent his entire time in custody in a communal cell.


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