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Al-Hasakah: PYD Member released after torture - charge pending

KURDWATCH, July 13, 2011—On June 16, 2011 the investigating judge in al-Hasakah decided that Hashim Bashir Muhammad (b. 1966, married, eight children), Joli Ibrahim Joli (b. 1991), Zuhayr Ismaʿil al-Ahmad (b. 1981), Usama Fawaz Ibrahim (b. 1988), Hozan Ahmad Ose (b. 1990), Idris Saʿid Shakir (b. 1983) and Ibrahim Khidir Muhammad (b. 1989) will be released from prison. The case of Joli Ibrahim Joli was directed to the young offenders´ court, since Joli was a minor at the time of arrest. Furthermore, the accusation was in so far revised as the six other members of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are no longer charged pursuant to Articles 267 and 305 of the penal code, but pursuant to Articles 267 and 307. This would mean that the charge has to be dropped because of Decree 61 from May 31, 2011 (Amnesty Decree). The public prosecutor´s office has lodged a complaint against this decision of the court and the case is now before the presenting judge in al-Hasakah.
The case of the PYD activists was originally tried before the Supreme State Security Court in Damascus. After that body was dissolved in May 2011 download decree], the files were given over to the civil court in al-Hasakah which is now responsible for the case.
The persons listed above were arrested in al-Hasakah by members of the Directorate for Political Security in connection with a protest on February 15, 2009, which was organized in al-Hasakh by the PYD on the occasion of the anniversary of the arrest of PKK-leader Abdullah Öcalan. Hozan Ahmad Ose, Zuhayr Ismaʿil al-Ahmad and Usama Fawaz Ibrahim were detained on February 19, Idris Saʿid Shakir on February 25, Joli Ibrahim Joli on March 1, and Hashim Bashir Muhammed on March 26, 2009. At the end of March, all of them were relocated to the Political Security Directorate´s al-Faihaʾ remand prison in Damascus, where they spent four months in solitary confinement. During this time all of them were severely tortured. The Dulab method was employed, in which the victim is forced into a tire and beaten. In addition, the detainees were subjected to electric shock and the Bisat al-Rih method, in which the hands and feet are bound with rope and pulled in four different directions, while the victim simultaneously receives blows upon all body parts. Al-Ahmad and Ibrahim had to be treated in the hospital in al-Hasakah twice due to this mistreatment. After four and a half months in prison, the six activists were transferred to ʿAdra prison near Damascus. Later Ibrahim Khidir, not arrested until August 4, 2010, was also imprisoned there. At the end of May 2010 the entire group was brought to the civil prison in al-Hasakah.


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