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ʿAmudah: Two demonstrators arrested and beaten

KURDWATCH, August 23, 2011—On August 21, 2011, members of the Military Intelligence Service arrested the activists ʿAbdulhamid ʿAbdulbasir al-Husayni (b. 1983, married, one child) and ʿAziz Ibrahim Shaykhi (b. 1981, married, one child) in ʿAmudah. The two activists were brought to al-Qamishli in the trunk of a car. They were repeatedly beaten, pulled by the hair, and insulted. In al-Qamishli they were interrogated about their participation in dissident demonstrations in ʿAmudah. They were again beaten several times. Following their arrest more than a thousand demonstrators gathered in front of the police station in ʿAmudah. They demanded the release of the two activists and the fall of the regime. ʿAbdulhamid ʿAbdulbasir al-Husayni was released from custody in the afternoon, ʿAziz Ibrahim Shaykhi at night.


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