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Al-Qamishli: Numerous arrests for participating in dissident demonstrations

KURDWATCH, September 5, 2011—In recent days numerous people have been arrested in al-Qamishli for participating in dissident demonstrations. Saʿid Muhammad Saʿid, Khorshid Najdat Muhammad, Fathullah Husayn Hasan, Fanar Khalil, ʿAbdullah ʿUmar ʿAbdullah, Nayif Yusiv ʿAbdi, ʿAbdurrahman Ahmad Silu, Akram Muhammad ʿAbdi, Muhammad Yusiv Tayba, Nayif Jumʿah Shamlana, Sardar Hasan Qari, ʿAbdullah ʿUthman ʿIdo, Dilshad ʿAbdurrazaq ʿArab, Kaniwar Jumʿah ʿUthman, Tahir Zaki ʿArab, Faysal ʿAzam, Muhammad Shabib, and Jamal Abu Dilo were detained on August 25. Furthermore, on August 31, Usama Mansur al-Hilali was arrested. Al-Hilali is a member of the Kurdish Future Movement in Syria.


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