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Al-Qamishli: Assistant Secretary of the Yekîtî demands the fall of the regime

KURDWATCH, October 12, 2011—Hasan Salih, Assistant Secretary of the Kurdish Union Party in Syria (Yekîtî), has publicly demanded the fall of the Syrian regime. At the grave of Hasan Mustafa ʿAbdullah, who was shot and killed on October 8, 2011 in al-Qamishli, Salih stated: »The Syrian people have given its word: We will not bend until the regime has fallen. That is our motto. That is the motto of the Syrian National Council. That is the motto of the opposition within the country and abroad.« The Syrian National Council was founded on October 2, 2011 in Istanbul. The Kurdish Union Party in Syria (Yekîtî) is a member of this body. The party is also represented in the Kurdish Patriotic Movement in Syria, an association of a total of eleven Kurdish parties. Thus far, both this association and the Yekîtî had refrained from calling for the fall of the regime. See also the KurdWatch interview with Ismaʿil Hami, Secretary of the Kurdish Union Party in Syria (Yekîtî), on September 17, 2011. Read the interview]


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