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Al-Qamishli: Hearings against 37 demonstrators postponed—charges against the deceased Mishʿal at‑Tammu not yet dropped

KURDWATCH, October 30, 2011—On October 24, 2011, the Criminal Court in al‑Qamishli postponed numerous hearings against demonstrators who are charged pursuant to Articles 335 and 336 of the Criminal Code.
The hearing against Muhammad Hafiz Hajj and Musa Khalaf, the hearing against Salar Salahuddin ʿUthman, and the hearing against Ibrahim Qijo were each postponed until October 25. The hearing against Bashar Rashad Bashar, Fadi Faysal ʿAzzam, and Rebar Sabghatullah Sayda was postponed until October 27.
The hearing against Muhammad Ashraf Sino (attorney), ʿAli ʿAbdullah Kolo (attorney), ʿAbdulwahhab Jamil Muhammad, Mishʿal at‑Tammu (assassinated on October 7, 2011), Muhammad ʿAbdurrahman Shadid, ʿAbdurrahman Yusuf ʿUthman, ʿAbdurrazzaq at‑Tammu, ʿAbdussamad Muhammad ʿAli ʿUmar, Muhammad Siraj Kalash, Ayman Nuri Hasan, ʿAdil ʿIzzuddin Khalaf, ʿAli Hajj Qasim, Shapal Muhammad Ibrahim, and Salih ʿAbbas Mishawah was postponed until November 14, 2011.
Also postponed until November 14, 2011, was the hearing against Hasan Salih Ibrahim, Muhammad Saʿid Daʿwa, Maʿmo, Jamil Ibrahim ʿUmar, and Nawaf Farhan an‑Nayif.
The hearing against ʿAbdussalam Yusuf ʿUthman, Hasan Ibrahim Salih, Muhammad Siraj Kalash, Shapal Muhammad Amin Ibrahim, Hajar Muhammad ʿAli, ʿAli Hajj Qasim, Farhan Fuʾad Batal, Alan ʿIsmat Mahmud, Ayman Nuri Hasan, ʿAdil ʿIzzuddin Khalaf, Mishʿal Nihayat at‑Tammu (assassinated on October 7, 2011), and Kadar Farhan Khidr was postponed until November 17.


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