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Interview: Salih Muslim Muhammad, chairman of the PYD:
»Turkey's henchmen in Syrian Kurdistan are responsible for the unrest here«

KURDWATCH, November 8, 2011—Salih Muslim Muhammad (b. 1951, chemical engineer, married, five children) has been chairman of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Syrian branch of the PKK, since 2010. Out of fear of political persecution, he fled to Iraq in 2010, where he stayed at a PYD camp in the Gare Mountains. After the dissident protests began, he returned to Syria along with other PYD members. The day after his arrival, he took part in a PYD rally in al-Qamishli. In a conversation with KURDWATCH, Salih Muslim Muhammad speaks out about the PYD's role within the Syrian revolution and about its activities in Syria. Read the interview]


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