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Al-Qamishli: Demonstrators acquitted

KURDWATCH, December 11, 2011—On December 1, 2011, the Criminal Court in al-Qamishli acquitted numerous people against whom charges had been raised pursuant to Articles 335 and 336. They were charged – sometimes in multiple cases – as a result of their participation in dissident demonstrations. The activists in question are: ʿAbdurrazzaq Nihayat at-Tammu, ʿAbdussalam ʿAbdullah Hajji, ʿAbdussamad Muhammad ʿUmar, ʿAbussalam Muhammad ʿAli ʿUmar, ʿAdil ʿIzzuddin Khalaf, Jamal Nasir Muhammad, Jiwan Hasan Qiri, Jiwan Luqman Ibrahim, Hajar Muhammad ʿAli, Hajar Muhammad Ibrahim, Hasan ʿAbdullah Muhammad, Hasan Salih Ibrahim, Kadar Farhan Khidr, Kawa Muhammad ʿAli, Khalil Farhan Hiso, and Raman Muhammad Hafiz Hajji Musa. None of the aforementioned people were detained in the course of the charges.


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