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Berlin: Member of the Syrian National Council attacked and beaten

KURDWATCH, December 28, 2011—During the night from December 25 to 26, 2011, Farhad Ahma (b. 1974), a representative of the Assembly of Syrian-Kurdish Youth Abroad, which was founded in Stockholm on September 4, 2011, was attacked and beaten in his Berlin apartment. Around 2 am, Ahma´s doorbell rang – when he asked who was there, he was told it was the police. When Ahma opened the door, two people with billy clubs forced their way into the apartment and began to beat him. Ahma suspects that the people, who spoke with an accent, were Arabs. He explained to KURDWATCH that he assumes that the attackers were supporters of the Syrian government who wanted to »warn« him on account of his oppositional activities. Ahma filed a police report.
A report published by Amnesty International on October 3, 2011, tells of numerous cases in which members of the opposition living in exile have been threatened by Syrians, particularly embassy staff, loyal to the regime.


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