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Al-Malikiyah: Recruit killed shortly before his discharge in Homs

KURDWATCH, February 6, 2012—Aras Sabri Shakir (b. 1990 in Maʿshuq near al-Malikiyah) died on January 31, 2012 while doing his military service in Homs. The military police returned his body to the family in al-Qamishli on February 2. On February 3, he was buried in Maʿshuq as part of a funeral march in which thousands of activists as well as relatives of the deceased took part.
According to official statements, Aras Sabri Shakir died as a result of the injuries he suffered during skirmishes in Homs. However, eyewitnesses have reported to the family that he had refused to shoot at civilians. A relative told KurdWatch that following his refusal, his superior ordered that he be shot. According to additional sources, the wounded cried for help for several hours before succumbing to his injuries.


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