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Al-Malikiyah: Activist released following torture

KURDWATCH, February 20, 2012—On December 29, 2011, Ismail Mustafa Hajji (b. 1970 in al‑Malikiyah [Derik]) was released from custody. That same day, the Criminal Court in al‑Hasakah had acquitted him on the charge of having called for an unauthorized demonstration. Police arrested Hadjji on December 25, 2011 in al‑Malikiyah on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by the Political Security Directorate. After spending one night in al‑Malikiyah, he was transferred to the Political Security Directorate in al‑Hasakah. He spent the final night before his release in the al‑Hasakah central prison. While he was in custody, Hajji was beaten by hand and insulted.


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