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ʿAfrin: PYD systematically threatening political opponents

KURDWATCH, February 23, 2012—Supporters of the Democratic Union Party  (PYD) are apparently systematically threatening critics of the regime and political opponents. Dr. Lazgin Salih (b. 1973, married) told KurdWatch that both he and another doctor from ʿAfrin, Dr. Farzand ʿUmar, as well as the pharmacist Haschim Schaikh Nahasan were threatened with death. He attributes the threats to the fact that he had criticized the PYD on his Facebook page. For his part, Dr. ʿUmar allegedly belongs to an oppositional group called »Kurdish Spring«, and Haschim Schaikh Nahasan is said to have insulted the PYD. According to Dr. Salih, the PYD later withdrew its threats against him. Likewise threatened was Dr. Ahmad Yusif, a dentist from ʿAfrin.


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