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Damascus: PYD‑supporters begin hunger strike

KURDWATCH, March 17, 2012—On March 12, 2012, twelve supporters of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) who are being detained in the al‑Faihaʾ remand prison in Damascus began a hunger strike. Those involved are Dalil Muhammad Amin Muhammad, Bahzad Nayif Hasan, Hogir Muhammad Ismaʿil, Hamdi Salah Hasan, Raman Tamr, Farhan Muhammad Bashir, Ahmad Muhammad Saʿid Hasan, Azad Muhammad Sharif Ramadan, Jigar ʿAbdulkarim Hajji, Ahmad ʿAbdullah Hajji, Mariam Muhammad Salmo, and Hadiyah ʿAli Yusuf. According to information from relatives, the hunger strike is expected to last until March 16. By going on a hunger strike, the detainees intend to commemorate the victims of the Kurdish uprising of 2004 and the 1988 poison gas attack on Halabja.


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