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Al-Qamishli: Further demonstrations in the Kurdish regions

KURDWATCH, April 11, 2012—Nationwide protests on April 6, 2012, again resulted in numerous dead and injured. Throughout the country, demonstrators demanded the fall of the regime. Whereas last week all demonstrators in the Kurdish regions took to the streets under their own slogan, this week several groups protested under the nationwide slogan »He who equips a conqueror does the conquering«. Other Kurdish youth groups protested under their own slogan »The national rights of the Kurdish people stand above all committees«. Five demonstrations took place in al-Qamishli, in the districts of al‑Hilaliyah, al‑ʿAntariyah, Qudurbak, Kurnish, and Qanat Suwais. In ʿAmudah there were three separate demonstrations organized by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Kurdish Patriotic Conference, as well as by various youth groups, including Avahî. There were four demonstrations in al-Hasakah, and one central protest march took place in each of the cities of al‑Malikiyah (Dêrik), al‑Qahtaniyah (Tirbesipî), al‑Jawadiyah (Çil Axa), al‑Maʿbada (Girkê Legê), Raʾs al‑ʿAyn (Serê Kaniyê), ad‑Darbasiyah, ʿAyn al‑ʿArab (Kobanî), as well as in ʿAfrin. The demonstrations were largely peaceful.


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