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Al-Hasakah: Criminal Court tries case against activist

KURDWATCH, April 26, 2012—On April 10, 2012, the Criminal Court in al‑Hasakah postponed the next hearing against the activist and writer Miral ʿAbdulʿaziz Shaykha (b. 1979) until May 15, 2012. During a demonstration in al‑Hasakah on August 26, 2011, employees of the Political Security Directorate arrested the activist known as Miral Biroreda for his role in organizing demonstrations as well as for his membership in a youth group. Shaykha remained in solitary confinement until October 6, 2011 when the investigative judge released him on bail. The same day he was detained by the criminal investigation department. His detention lasted until October 15. While in custody, Shaykha was tortured. Among other things, he suffered from internal bleeding in the area of his kidneys as a result of blows to the stomach. Charges have been raised against Shaykha pursuant to Articles 287 and 335 of the Criminal Code.


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