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Al-Qamishli: PYD takes members of the security forces hostage

KURDWATCH, May 1, 2012—On April 25, 2012, employees of the criminal investigation department in al‑Qamishli arrested ʿAbdulkhaliq Hasan, a member of the PYD‑affiliated People's Protection Committee. When supporters of the Democratic Union Party‑(PYD) organized a rally before the courthouse in al‑Qamishli the following morning to protest against the arrest, security forces attacked them with billy clubs and tear gas. Two demonstrators were arrested. Another PYD rally subsequently took place in ʿAmuda; moreover, an employee of the security forces in al‑Qamishli as well as two other members of the security forces in ʿAmudah were taken hostage in order to force the release of the detainees. Their release happened that same evening, at which point the PYD ended the hostage situation.


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