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Aleppo: Student tortured while in custody

KURDWATCH, May 4, 2012—On April 25, 2012, the student and activist Jigarkhwin ʿAbdurrazzaq Mula Ahmad (b. 1985 in al‑Qamishli), who was arrested on March 3, 2012 [further information on the case], was transferred to Aleppo's central prison. Two relatives were allowed to visit him there for half an hour. Prior to his transfer, Mula Ahmad was held and tortured in the Political Security Directorate's remand prison in Damascus. The hearing scheduled on April 28, 2012 before the military court in Aleppo did not take place; a new date has not yet been set. A relative of the detainee told KurdWatch, »Jigarkhwin is currently being held in a civil prison. Therefore we hope that his file will be handed over to a civil court.«


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