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Aleppo: Security forces storm dormitories—university closed

KURDWATCH, May 7, 2012—Early on the morning of May 3, 2012, security forces stormed several dormitories in Aleppo. At least 150 people are said to have been arrested, among them the Kurdish math student Ibrahim Sabri Hasan. According to eyewitness reports, shots were heard on the university campus. At least five students were allegedly killed. In addition, numerous students were injured as they tried to flee; there were many broken bones as students jumped from upper floors. In fear of further attacks by security forces, dozens of students spent the night outdoors. The university announced on its website on May 3 that all courses until exams on May 13 have been cancelled. The university campus and the dorms, which accommodate up to 18 000 students, have been closed. While the people of Aleppo have hardly participated in dissident demonstrations thus far, rallies have repeatedly taken place at the university, which is attended by students from all over Syria.


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