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Al-Qahtaniyah: Forcibly transferred teachers flee to Iraqi-Kurdistan after death threat

KURDWATCH, May 21, 2012—Two of the five teachers who were forcibly transferred by the educational authorities in al‑Hasakah on March 13, 2012 [further information on the case] have fled with their families to Iraqi-Kurdistan. The teachers in question are ʿAbdurrahman Jawhar (b. 1974 in al-Malikiyah, two children) and Nizar Bahram ʿIsa (b. 1966 in al‑Qahtaniyah, four children). After the transfers had been announced, protest demonstrations took place in al‑Qahtaniyah. »A few days after the demonstrations, we received death threats. Unknown people threw white burial shrouds with the words ›Traitor, this is your burial shroud‹ into our yards«, ʿIsa told KurdWatch. In addition, all five teachers were asked to attest in writing that they would no longer take part in dissident activities and they would work together with the Baʿth party office in al‑Qahtaniyah. Jawhar and ʿIsa are staying with their families at a refugee camp near the city of Duhok, where approximately 250 Kurdish families from Syria are currently being housed.


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