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Aleppo: At least four dead in shoot out in Aleppo

KURDWATCH, May 31, 2012—According to information from the Democratic Union Party (PYD), four PYD members died on May 9, 2012 in clashes between PYD‑supporters and supporters of the Syrian regime in the Shaykh Maqsud district of Aleppo. After regime supporters attacked bystanders, shots were exchanged between the attackers and the PYD. The PYD subsequently burned down several homes belonging to relatives of the attackers. An activist from Aleppo who is critical of the PYD explained to KurdWatch that those killed were not PYD supporters, but rather bystanderswho happened to be present. According to this activist, the PYD interfered in a conflict at the Shaykh Maqsud bus station between members of the influential Baghari family and the bus drivers from whom the Baghari family was collecting parking fees. The conflict subsequently escalated and several people were killed.


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