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ʿAfrin: PYD kidnapped victims released following torture

KURDWATCH, June 19, 2012—The people kidnapped by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) on June 7, 2012 [further information on the case] are free again. In the early morning of June 9, Dibo Hasan, Bashir Chawish, Husain Chawish, Muhammad ʿAbdullah Chawish, Zardasht Rashid Hasan, ʿAbdurrahman Hasan, Ibrahim Mahmud, Marwan Ibrahim, ʿAli Marwan Ibrahim, Ibrahim Mamo, and Rashid Hasan were released. On June 13, Nuri Khoja, the mullah of the town of Sinka, was also released. His son Tekoshin Nuri Khoja remained under house arrest until this time. The PYD threatened to kill him if he left the house. For this reason, the student could not take part in the university exams at the end of the semester. At least three of the kidnapped victims—Bashir Chawish, Husain Chawich, and Dibo Hasan—were tortured while seized. Bashir Chawish and Husain Chawish received electric shocks among other things. The kidnapped victims were accused of working with the Turkish intelligence service and being financed by Turkey and the Gulf states.
Mustafa Husain (member of the Central Committee of the Azadî) and Ismail Khalil (member of the Kurdish Freedom Party in Syria [Azadî] and the Kurdish National Council), who were kidnapped by the PYD on June 8, 2012, have been free since June 10.


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