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Dair az-Zawr: Syrian Army fires at buses from the Kurdish regions

KURDWATCH, June 30, 2012—On June 23, 2012, a bus belonging to the Jiwan bus company from al-Qamishli was fired upon near Dair az‑Zawr. One person was killed; in addition, the driver Fahd ʿAbdulʿaziz Husayn, his attendant Muhammad Barawi, and six other people were injured, some severely. Passengers reported that the shots were fired from a Syrian army outpost. In recent weeks, buses belonging to the Haval, Iman, Rafidain, Parwan, Izlah, and Akram bus companies have been fired upon near Dair az‑Zawr. All of the companies are based in the Kurdish regions. Among others, Lazgin Husain Farman and Jiwan Husayn (driver and attendant for Haval), Barakat Dawud (driver for Iman) and ʿUmar ʿAli (driver for Jiwan) were injured in the shootings. The travel companies have since suspended travel on the road between al‑Qamishli and Dair az‑Zawr.


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