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ʿAfrin: Father and two sons kidnapped and murdered by the PYD

KURDWATCH, July 21, 2012—On June 29, 2012, supporters of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) attacked a dissident demonstration in front of the Dirsim Hospital in ʿAfrin [further information on the case]. The demonstrator ʿAbdurrahman Hasan Bakr defended himself against the attacks, and a PYD activist known as Chakdar was injured in the face in the process. The PYD retaliated in an unprecedented way: In the night from July 4 to July 5, armed PYD fighters attacked the home of Hanan Hasan Bakr in ʿAfrin. Those who were attacked defended themselves and a shootout lasting several hours ensued, in which the PYD activist Chakdar was killed and other attackers were injured. PYD members then kidnapped Hanan Hasan Bakr and at least ten of his relatives. They also set four homes and several cars belonging to the kidnapped victims on fire. A few hours later Hanan Hasan Bakr and his son ʿAbdurrahman Hanan Bakr were tied to a utility pole in ʿAfrin and were executed by gunshots to the head. Shortly thereafter their bodies were thrown in front of the Dirsim Hospital. PYD supporters are said to have forbidden relatives from collecting the bodies. Ahmad Mustafa was kidnapped while attempting to retrieve the bodies. On July 6, 2012, PYD supporters looted two shops belonging to another kidnapped victim, ʿIzzuddin Shaykh Naʿsan, and killed another of Hasan Hanan Bakr's sons, Nuri Hanan Bakr. His body was also dumped in front of the hospital in ʿAfrin. On July 7 another relative of Hanan Hasan Bakr, Nuri Shaykh Naʿsan, was kidnapped. Additionally, more than one hundred fifty olive trees belonging to the Bakr family were cut down. On July 11, the following kidnapped victims were released: Shaykh ʿAbdi Shaykh Naʿsan and Hashim Shaykh Naʿsan (members of the district committee of the Kurdish Democratic Party [el‑Partî]), ʿAbdulmuttalib Shaykh Naʿsan, Mahmud Shaykh Naʿsan, Muhyiddin Shaykh Naʿsan, Fakhri Shaykh Naʿsan, Shaykhu Shaykh Naʿsan, Anas Shaykh Naʿsan, Yunis Shaykh Naʿsan, Shaykh Muhammad Shaykh Naʿsan, ʿIzzuddin Shaykh Naʿsan, Ahmad Zaki Mustafa, Nuri Shaykh Naʿsan, and Wahid Mustafa. On the morning of July 4, the PYD reported that it had »arrested« Shaykhu Shaykh Naʿsan and Fakhri Shaykh Naʿsan, as the two were involved in the attack on PYD member ʿAbdo Murad [further information on the case]. The PYD announced that it would release a video in which the two confess to their participation. This has not yet happened.


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