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Aleppo: PYD brutally beats up doctor

KURDWATCH, July 31, 2012—On July 8, 2012, armed supporters of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) kidnapped Dr. Niyazi Habash (b. 1981, married, two children) in front of his apartment in Aleppo. Habash was held until evening and tortured in a building he could not identify. The activist was punched in the face, kicked, and subjected to electric shocks to his hands and feet. Both of his legs were broken with stones and iron bars. An employee of the hospital where he was treated told KurdWatch that Habash needed an operation and would not be able to walk for at least two months.
Habash belongs to the oppositional group »Kurdish Spring«. He believes that his kidnapping was also a warning to other members. He further told KurdWatch that the kidnappers spoke Arabic to him, but spoke Kurdish on their cell phones. He views this as an attempt to cover up the fact that they were Kurds.
In ʿAfrin, the PYD threatened to kill two additional doctors as they did Dr. Scharzad Haj Rashid [further information on the case] should they continue with their political activities.


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