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ʿAmudah: Further PYD kidnappings

KURDWATCH, September 7, 2012 – According to their own statements, on September 1, 2012, members of the Democratic Union Party's (PYD) People's Protection Committee arrested three activists and two recruits from ʿAmudah. The arrests were made as the individuals were attempting to cross the Syrian-Turkish border illegally. Among those kidnapped were Ibrahim Hajj Mustafa ʿAli, ʿUmar Hajj Nuri, Aldar Muhammad, and Muhammad ʿAbdulqadir ʿAli. Late in the afternoon, members of various youth groups organized a rally in ʿAmudah and demanded the release of the kidnap victims. The demonstrators compared the actions of the PYD with those of the Shabbihah militias, which have close ties to the regime. As a result, that night PYD supporters attacked the demonstrators with billy clubs and stones and fired shots into the air. Several people were injured, and one person was grazed by a bullet. Following a request by the joint caucus of the Kurdish National Council and the People's Council of West Kurdistan, the PYD released the kidnap victims on September 2, 2012.


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