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ʿAmudah: Demonstrators mourn drowned refugees

KURDWATCH, September 13, 2012—Nationwide protests onSeptember 7, 2012, again resulted in numerous dead and injured. Throughout the country, demonstrators demanded the fall of the regime. In large parts of the country, protesters took to the streets under the slogan, »The besieged city of Homs calls out to you«. Supporters of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) demonstrated under their own slogan, »No to military service«. This week supporters of the Kurdish National Council and the PYD held no joint demonstrations. In al‑Qamishli, one demonstration took place in each of the districts of Qanat Suwais, al‑ʿAntariyah (organized by the Biratî, Rojava, Shaykh Maʿschuq, and Martyr Farhad youth groups), Kurnish (organized by supporters of the Kurdish Future Movement under Rezan Bari Schaikhmus, the Sewa youth group, and other independent youth groups), and at the Qasimo mosque in the western district (organized by the PYD). Parallel demonstrations took place in the district of Munir Habib (organized by the Kurdish National Council and the Union of Kurdish Democratic Forces in Syria). In ʿAmudah, three separate demonstrations took place, organized by the PYD, the Kurdish National Council, and various youth groups. Numerous demonstrators wore black clothing and walked without banners in order to express their grief over the deaths of Syrian refugees who had drowned near the Turkish Mediterranean coast only a few days earlier. Two demonstrations, organized by the PYD and the Kurdish National Council respectively, took place in each of the cities of ad‑Darbasiyah, ʿAyn al‑ʿArab (Kobanî), al‑Maʿbada (Girkê Legê), and al‑Qahtaniyah (Tirbesipî). Due to the large number of security forces, no demonstrations could take place in al‑Hasakah. Large rallies took place in the majority Kurdish district of Shaykh Masqud in Aleppo, as well as in ʿAfrin and in many small Kurdish towns in the area. The rallies were awaiting the funeral march for the victims of the air attack on Shaykh Maqsud [further information on the case]. They called for the fall of the regime and retribution for the victims. Protests also took place in al‑Malikiyah (Dêrik), al‑Jawadiyah (Çil Axa), and Raʾs al‑ʿAyn (Serê Kaniyê), as well as in the majority Kurdish district of Ruknuddin in Damascus; however, few people there took to the streets.


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