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Damascus: Did President Assad order the assassination of Mishʿal at‑Tammu?

KURDWATCH, October 24, 2012—On October 10, 2012, the Saudi news channel al‑ʿArabiya published classified Syrian documents according to which Bashar al‑Assad allegedly instructed the Air Force Intelligence Service to assassinate Mishʿal at‑Tammu [further information on the case]. In the first of the documents, which was »delivered to accounting« on October 9, 2011, Brigadier General Saqr Manun instructed Colonel Jawdat Hasan to carry out the aforementioned order. In the second, undated document, Manun informs the President that Mishʿal at‑Tammu, his son Marsil, and the Kurdish activist Zahida Rashkilo were killed on 7. October 2011. In fact, the latter two survived the attack with injuries download interview with Zahida Rashkilo]. In addition, the document refers to writing by the president on September 22, 2011 concerning an »operation« that is intended to prompt Turkish leadership to take a neutral and cooperative stance toward the Syrian crisis.


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