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Aleppo: Free Syrian Army captures al‑Ashrafiyah

KURDWATCH, November 5, 2012—On October 25, 2012, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) captured large parts of the main road to ʿAnadan und ʿAfrin over the course of clashes in the northwest of the city of Aleppo. In the process, they advanced deep into to the mainly Kurdish district of al‑Ashrafiyah, which is controlled by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), as well as into the mainly Christian district of al‑Suriani. The Syrian Army responded by firing rockets at the districts in question. Numerous civilians died, including: Shukri Muhammad Kurin, Rodin Shaykhu, Mustafa Shaykh Mustafa, Shiyar Habib Hamo, Subhi Saydo Karo, Khalil Mustafa Muhammad, Hasan Rashid Kurin, Rashid Ibrahim, Ahmad Kamal ʿAkash, Samah ʿAbdurrahman Schaikhu, ʿAbdulqadir Tammu, and Khadija Nasif Hulu.


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