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Al-Qamishli: PYD supporters remember slain PKK‑fighters

KURDWATCH, November 5, 2012—Nationwide protests on October 26, 2012 resulted again in numerous dead and injured. Throughout the country, demonstrators demanded the fall of the regime. In large parts of the country, protesters took to the streets under the slogan »Allah is the greatest; he helped his servant to victory and his soldiers to glory, and he defeated the enemy alone«. Supporters of the Kurdish National Council and many Kurdish youth groups chose the slogan, »We are ready to sacrifice ourselves for a free Syria«. This week supporters of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) organized only one demonstration that took place in the mainly Kurdish district of al‑Ashrafiyah in Aleppo. The demonstration's participants demanded the withdrawal of Free Syrian Army units from al‑Aschrafiyah [further information on the case]. In the Kurdish regions, PYD supporters visited relatives of the PKK fighters who were killed in combat with the Turkish army in recent decades and organized commemorative rallies at cemeteries. In al‑Qamishli, one demonstration took place in each of the districts of al‑ʿAntariyah (organized by the Biratî, Rojava, Shaykh Maʿshuq and Martyr Farhad youth groups), Kurnish (organized by supporters of the Kurdish Future Movement in Syria under Rezan Bari Shaykhmus, the Sewa youth groups, and other independent youth groups) and Munir Habib (organized by the Kurdish National Council). For the first time in many months a joint demonstration organized by the Kurdish National Council and various youth groups took place in ʿAmudah. In al‑Hasakah, three demonstrations took place. One protest march, organized by the Kurdish National Council and various youth groups, took place in each of the cities of al‑Malikiyah (Dêrik), al‑Qahtaniyah (Tirbesipî), al‑Maʿbada (Girkê Legê), al‑Jawadiyah (Çil Axa), ad‑Darbasiyah, Raʾs al‑ʿAyn (Serê Kaniyê) and ʿAyn al‑ʿArab (Kobanî). There were no protests in ʿAfrin or in the mainly Kurdish districts in Damascus.


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