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ʿAfrin: PYD concludes an agreement with the Free Syrian Army

KURDWATCH, November 15, 2012—Following armed conflicts between the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) [further information] a meeting was held between representatives of the PYD and its People's Protection Units  (YPG) and representatives of the FSA, including members of the newly formed Kurdish Military Council in Aleppo and representatives of Islamic units. The meeting was brought to light by a video uploaded to YouTube on November 1, 2012; PYD-affiliated media released parts of the agreement concluded at the meeting on November 4. The following resolutions were read by an FSA member:
1. The signatories stand united for the Syrian revolution and against the Assad regime; the battle is being waged peacefully and militarily; the overthrow of the regime is the goal of every Syrian, whether Arab or Kurd.
2. The formation of a civilian and a military committee, as well as security committee, composed of members of the Free Syrian Army and the Kurdish parties [it remains unclear which specific parties are meant], in order to administer the Kurdish regions in Aleppo province and resolve the conflicts that have developed.
3. The immediate release of detainees from the prisons of all parties involved under the supervision of a committee composed of members of both parties and on the condition that those released are not criminals or collaborators with the regime.
4. The end of all campaigns of mutual accusations and the implementation of a positive discourse for the Syrian revolution.
5. The immediate end to the imposition of taxes; monitoring and penalization of these heinous acts.
6. The removal of all checkpoints that impede the operations of the Free Syrian Army or the establishment of joint checkpoints with the knowledge of the military committee and the security committee.
7. Respect for religious freedom and civil and political rights.
8. Support for activists and supporters of the Syrian revolution, Arabs, Kurds, and all other societal groups as well as deserters of the Assad regime.
9. The elimination of all tensions and clashes in the contested regions under the supervision of the joint military committee; the attainment of a quick solution which satisfies all sides.
10. The return of all confiscated weapons, ammunition, and vehicles to their owners.


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