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ʿAfrin: Fighting near Qastal Jindu

KURDWATCH, November 28, 2012—On October 28, 2012, armed conflicts broke out near the Yazidi village of Qastal Jindu near ʿAfrin. The conflicts occurred between units of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the Free Syrian Army's (FSA) Storm of the North Brigade, led by ʿAmmar al‑Dadikhi alias Abu Ibrahim. Fighters for the Storm of the North Brigade conquered the PYD checkpoint and arrested two PYD supporters. Shortly thereafter fighters for the ʿAmr ibn al‑ʿAs unit led by Ahmad ʿUbaid forced the Storm of the North Brigade out of Qastal Jindu; the PYD returned to the village. The exact reasons for the conflicts between the PYD and the various FSA units are unclear, but it is certain that the conflicts were not, as the PYD claims, anti-Yazidi attacks by the FSA on Qastal Jindu.


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