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ʿAfrin: Deaths and kidnappings in YPG‑attack on several villages

KURDWATCH, March 15, 2013—On March 8, 2013, members of the Democratic Union Party’s‑(PYD) People’s Defense Units‑(YPG) attacked the Kurdish villages of Basuta, Burj ʿAbdullah, and Kimar (approximately ten kilometers south of ʿAfrin) with heavily armed vehicles. The villages are considered the stronghold of Mustafa Dschumʿa’s Kurdish Freedom Party (Azadî). Three people—ʿAdil Hasan, ʿUmar Nabu, and ʿAlaʾ ʿAbdu—were killed by gunshot wounds, and numerous others were injured. In addition, forty-five to fifty people were kidnapped, including ʿAbdurrahman Apo, member of the politburo of Mustafa Jumʿa’s Azadî. An Azadî checkpoint in Basuta was also destroyed. Mustafa Mahmud ʿAti, a leading member of the Azadî in Aleppo, told KurdWatch: »Our members and supporters still follow the party’s instructions not to shoot at the YPG. Not even if it attacks. But the YPG has crossed all boundaries. If it continues like this, the Azadî will be forced to defend itself militarily. We hope that it doesn’t go that far.«


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