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Al-Hasakah: YPG arrests leader of the Kurdish Intervention Forces

KURDWATCH, April 2, 2013—On March 14, 2013, fighters for the Kurdish Intervention Forces, an armed unit under the command of Masʿud Hasan (member of Lazgin Mahmud Fakhri’s Kurdish Democratic Party—Syria) refused to give up their weapons at checkpoint of the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) People’s Defense Units (YPG) in al‑Hasakah. When the YPG insisted upon the disarmament, shots were exchanged, after which fighters for the intervention forces kidnapped three members of the YPG. After mediation by the Kurdish National Council, the YPG‑fighters were released on March 15, Lazgin Fakhri told KurdWatch: »After the release of its members, the YPG invited Hasan to talks to resolve the misunderstandings and normalize the atmosphere. However, when he arrived at the YPG, he was arrested. Hasan may have made a mistake when he arrested the YPG‑members, but the YPG had no right to disarm him. Actually, the relationship between the YPG and Hasan was good. Hasan and his forces actively protected al‑Hasakah’s Kurdish districts from the regime.« The Kurdish Intervention Forces are considered non-partisan, many of its fighters are neither members nor supporters of Lazgin Mahmud Fakhri’s Kurdish Democratic Party—Syria.


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