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ʿAmudah: Yekîtî elects new Secretary General

KURDWATCH, April 8, 2013—On March 29 and 30  2013, a total of 246 delegates from Syria and abroad, approximately ten percent of whom were women, took part in the 7th Party Congress of the Kurdish Union Party in Syria (Yekîtî) in ʿAmudah. Ibrahim Biro was elected secretary general and Hasan Salih his deputy. In addition the delegates elected a new politburo comprised of thirteen people. Three additional members from ʿAyn al‑ʿArab, Aleppo, and ʿAfrin are to be added at a later date. Party members from these cities reportedly did not travel to ʿAmudah for the party congress for security reasons. The respective local groups will therefore determine their politburo representatives in a special election. The party congress, which was named after Tahsin Khairi Mamo, a party member who died in custody [further information on the case], affirmed the Yekîtî’s political line and pledged itself to the following goals:
– Overthrow of the dictatorial regime and implementation of the goals of the Syrian revolution: freedom and dignity.
– Formation of a democratic, federal, pluralistic, and secular Syria.
– Freedom for all political prisoners who have been imprisoned by the regime.
The Yekîtî is the only Kurdish party in Syria to elect a new party head for the fifth time in a row without the election resulting in a split in the party.


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