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ʿAmudah: Injuries in violent protests against the PYD

KURDWATCH, April 7, 2013—On March 27, 2013, supporters of the Kurdish Democratic Political Union—Syria organized a rally in front of the electric company in ʿAmudah. They protested against the recurring power shutdowns of late. The protests were directed against the Democratic Union  (PYD), which controls the water and electric companies in ʿAmudah. A participant in the rally reported to KurdWatch: »We had not even been at the location for an hour when members of the YPG [the PYD’s armed militia] appeared and demanded that we break up the rally. When we continued our protest, they shot into the air. Our youth could not put up with that; we pelted the YPG with stones. The YPG then shot directly at us. Three participants in our rally were hit.« A PYD‑member told KurdWatch: »What can the officials for the electric company do about the shortage of electricity? The electricity is fed into the power grid in al‑Hasakah and other locations; our supporters in ʿAmudah don’t have electricity either. The demonstrators were not peaceful. Some were armed; they shot and wounded a YPG‑member. Even the PYD’s party office was pelted with stones, and additionally the headquarters of the Kurdish Red Half Moon«.


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