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Aleppo: Ongoing fighting in Shaykh Maqsud

KURDWATCH, April 19, 2013—Fighting in the Shaykh Maqsud district in Aleppo has been ongoing since March 29, 2013 [further information]. Government troops are routinely bombarding the district with missles. According to media reports, more than forty civilians have been killed thus far. The battle lines are drawn between the regime on one side and the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) People’s Defense Units (YPG), and the Kurdish Front Brigade on the other. Reportedly the Kurdish Front Brigade was originally initiated by the Supreme Kurdish Council—the common council of the Kurdish National Council and the People’s Council of West Kurdistan. In a founding video from January 2013, FSA and YPG flags are visible. In later videos, the PYD‑flags are missing. Moreover Kurdish Front Brigade has announced that it has completely crossed over to the FSA. According to its own statements, the YPG is currently preventing government troops from marching into Shaykh Maqsud, and is thus fighting on the side of the opposition in Aleppo.


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