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Erbil: PYD and Progressive Party absent at meeting with Barzani

KURDWATCH, May 12, 2013—From April 28 to May 6 2013, President Masʾud Barzani invited the heads of the parties in the Kurdish National Council as well as representatives of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) to Erbil to discuss a solution to the problems between the Kurdish National Council and the People’s Council of West Kurdistan. However, representatives of the PYD and the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria, which is accused of having close ties to the PYD, stayed clear of the meeting. In a statement the Progressive Party explained its absence by stating that similar meetings have repeatedly taken place without results. The Progressive Party further suggested that the Kurdish National Council should first solve its own problems. The PYD, which declined a meeting with representatives of the Kurdish National Council as it [the PYD] was »not part of the problem«, made similar statements. Moreover, the PYD made it clear that it would not sit down at a table with representatives of Mustafa Djumʾa’s Kurdish Freedom Party in Syria (Azadî) since this party was involved in the killing of Kurds. Independently of this, the PYD sent several delegates to Iraqi-Kurdistan to separately meet with Barzani.


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