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Al-Qamishli: Number of demonstrators dwindling

KURDWATCH, May 17, 2013—Ongoing fighting between the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and government troops in the week from May 4 to 10, 2013 resulted again in numerous dead and injured. On May 10, demonstrators throughout the country demanded the fall of the regime. They gathered under the common slogan »Baniyas, sectarian cleansing under international protection«. Supporters of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) once again organized no demonstrations this week. In al‑Qamishli, one demonstration took place in each of the districts of al‑ʿAntariyah (organized by various youth groups) and Munir Habib (organized by the Kurdish National Council). In ʿAmudah, there was only one dissident demonstration, organized by various youth groups including Avahî. Supporters of the Kurdish National Council refrained from organizing a demonstration due to the start of the harvest season and the final exams of the current school year. In al‑Hasakah, two demonstrations took place, one organized by the Kurdish National Council, the other by Arab groups. The Kurdish National Council organized one demonstration in each of the cities of ad‑Darbasiyah, ʿAyn al‑ʿArab (Kobanî), al‑Jawadiyah (Çil Axa), and al‑Qahtaniyah (Tirbesipî). The Kurdish National Council’s weekly demonstrations in al‑Malikiyah and al‑Maʿbada (Girkê Legê) took place on Saturday. There were no protests in ʿAfrin or Raʾs al‑ʿAyn (Serê Kaniyê), nor in the majority Kurdish districts in Aleppo and Damascus. Overall, the number of demonstrators in the Kurdish regions is seen increasingly as in decline.


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