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ʿAmudah/ad-Darbasiyah: PYD imposes curfew

KURDWATCH, August 12, 2013—On August 7, 2013, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) imposed a curfew in both ʿAmudah and ad‑Darbasiyah. According to what an activist from ad‑Darbasiyah told KurdWatch, the curfew was imposed »to prevent the people from commemorating those who were killed in PYD attacks on a demonstration in ʿAmudah at the end of June« [further information]. Traditionally, a visit is paid to the grave of the deceased on the fortieth day after death. In ʿAmudah, the official reason given for the curfew was the death of a child by a bomb on the same day. Although the populace did not observe the curfew, there were no conflicts.


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